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Cat 3 and Cat 5/5E/6 UTP Termination



Test your comprehension!

1. Why are punchdown blocks used with Cat 3 and Cat 5/5E/6 cabling?

Terminate cables from equipment

Interconnect cables in a telecom closet

Change from T568A to T568B terminations

Meet EIA/TIA 568 Standards

2. Which punchdown block is more often used with data (Cat 5/5E/6)?

Bix block

Krone block

110 block

66 block

3. Which punchdown block is more often used with telephones (Cat 3)?

Bix block

Krone block

110 block

66 block

4. What is BLOG?

The color code for punchdowns

The color code for T568B jacks

The author of EIA/TIA 568

None of the above

5. What actually makes the electrical connection with the wires in a 110 block?

Punchdown tool with 110 blade

Insulation displacement connectors in the connecting block

The base of the block

A second cable

6. When stripping Cat 5/5E/6 cable, what must you remember to prevent damaging cable performance?

Remove enough much jacket to work with the wires easily

Make sure to not nick the wires

Strip the wires individually

Retwist any pairs that come untwisted

7. The most important thing to remember when working with Cat 5/5E/6 cable is to_______.

Note the distance markings on the cable

Mark the cable for documenting its location later

Pull the cable gently from the box

Do not untwist the pairs more than 1/2 inch (12 mm)

8. Why does each pair in Cat 5/5E/6 cable have different twist rates?

Help identify each pair

Decrease signal attenuation

Equalize NVP

Prevent crosstalk

9. The punchdown tool does two jobs. What are they?

Pushes the wire into the IDC contact

Untwists excess wire

Makes the installation neater

Cuts off the excess wire

10. What kinds of connection does a jack typically have?

66 punchdown

110 punchdown

Snap-in contacts

Solder connections

11. Does a jack have the same color code for the pairs as a punchdown block?



Depends on the type of jack

Depends on whether it is T568A, T568B or USOC

12. Why do Cat 5/5E/6 and Cat 3 jacks have different wiring color codes? (hint: 2 answers are correct)

Cat 3 jacks are used for other types of terminations, like USOC

Cat 5 jacks have internal twists to prevent crosstalk

Manufacturers use different termination processes for Cat 3 and Cat 5 jacks

Cat 3 and Cat 5 cables have different color codes for the pairs

13. True or False? Jacks can be used in either patch panels and work area outlets.



14. 66 punchdown blocks have 4 contacts across a row. Why?

Allow connecting up to 4 cables on a single block

Two contacts on each side are connected to allow cables on one side to be terminated to cables on the other side with bridging clips or wires

Leaves more room for placing wires

Fits all kinds of cable

15. Wires are punched down on a 66 block in color code order:

Depends on whether its T568A, T568B or USOC

Just like a 110 block, BLOG

Doesn't matter what order

Same as a Cat 3 jack

16. The Cat 3 jack is the same as a Cat 5/5E/6 jack except :

There are no internal twists to change the color coding

The color codes use different colors

It only connects to RJ-45 plugs

It snaps into outlets upside down

17. What is a RJ-45 connector?

The connector used only with Cat 5 jacks

A special high frequency connector

A modular 8 pin connector with USOC termination

A trade name

18. Patchcords have a major difference from the installed Cat 3 or Cat 5/5E/6 link. What is it?

The connectors have molded strain relief

Patchcord cables are colored for identification

The connectors are clear plastic so you can see the color coding

They are made of stranded wire for flexibility

19. What is the most important thing to remember to get the most performance out of Cat 5/5E/6 cabling?

Maintain the proper color coding throughout

Maintaining the twists in the pairs as close as possible to the termination

Make all punchdowns secure

Keep the cables close together near the punchdown blocks

20. If you mix Cat 3 and Cat 5/5E/6 hardware in a cabling system:

You will only get Cat 3 performance

Pairs will be reversed because of color code differences

Depends on the manufacturer of the hardware

You can't mix them since the hardware is incompatible


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