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Cat 3 and Cat 5/5E/6 UTP Termination

Lesson Plan

This course is in 5 parts:

Cat 5 - 110 Punchdown Block

Cat 5 - Jack

Cat 3 - 66 Punchdown Block

Cat 3 - Jack

Cat 3 & Cat 5 - Plug

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 At our training courses, we use a "Training Board" that simulates actual conditions in a telecom closet (it also holds the parts nicely in place while you terminate them.) If you are following along with real hardware, you may want to duplicate our training board to make the training easier and more realistic.

On the training board, we have:

1. 8-port patch panel that uses standard jacks

2. 66 punchdown block

3. 110 punchdown block

4. Wall outlet for 4 jacks

Using this training board, we make two Cat 3 and two Cat 5 links and test them.

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