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Fiber Optics Testing: Using OTDRs
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Test Set-up for an OTDR

At the work site, unpack the OTDR, launch and, if used, receive cables, cleaning supplies and mating adapters.

Turn on your OTDR and let it warm up. Use AC power if available.

Clean the connector on the OTDR and on the launch cable using appropriate connector cleaners.

Attach the launch cable (pulse suppressor) to the OTDR  connector. Use the launch cable and/or hybrid mating adapters to match the OTDR to the connector types being tested as needed.

Clean the connector on the launch cable using appropriate connector cleaners and attach the launch cable to the cable you wish to test.

Repeat for a receive cable if it is being used.

Your test setup should look like this:

OTDR Setup

The next step is to set the OTDR test parameters.



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