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Fiber Optics Testing: Using OTDRs
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Understanding OTDRs

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Fiber Testing Using OTDRs
Welcome to the VDV Works Virtual Hands-On Tutorial on OTDRs - Optical Time Domain Reflectometers. These instruments are valuable tools for testing and troubleshooting fiber optic cable plants, but they can also give erroneous data if used improperly. This course is intended to help you learn how to use these instruments correctly.
This "Virtual Hands-On" tutorial is designed to teach you how to set up tests with OTDRs, take data and analyze the results. If you are not familiar with OTDRs, you should study our Understanding OTDRs tutorial first, as that will make this module much easier to understand. If you are new to fiber optics, start with our basic Lennie Lightwave tutorial.
This course for OTDRs was written in reference a PC-based OTDR. Specific instructions for setting up the OTDR and accessing menu commands within the software will be shown with this product, however all of the facts concerning how tosetup and use the OTDR, analyze a trace and adjust parameters for collecting data will work in any OTDR application.
VDV Works offers an OTDR Simulator that uses the same software used to create this program and incluses over 75 unique traces to show you how the OTDR parameters should be set and the effect of various analysis methods, plus about 40 traces of real world cables.  The OTDR Simulator is available as a self-study program or an instructional curriculum. Here are ordering details.
You can download a free demo of the OTDR simulator and use it to follow these tutorials. 
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