Uncle Ted's Guide To
VDV (voice/data/video) Cabling
UTP Cable Performance By Category



 Cat 5
 Cat 5e
(Class D)
 Cat 6/6A
(Class E)
(Ratified 6/02)
(Class F)
(ISO proposal)
 Fiber Optics
 Supports networks  100Base-T  1000Base-T
(with more "headroom")
None currently considered
and other networks at up to 100 gigabits per second
 Test Frequency  100 MHz  100MHz  250/500 MHz  600 MHz  Terahertz
 Length  100 meters  100 meters  100 meters  100 meters
 250m to 2km (MM)
>20 km (SM)
 RJ-45 Compatible  yes  yes
 No?  NA
 Field Tester Requirement:  Level 2  Level 2e  Level 3  Unknown  Optical Loss Test Set
** An "augmented" Cat 6 spec is being developed for possible use with 10G Ethernet at 100 meters. It will have a frequency range of 500 MHz.
Information on Fiber Optic Cabling
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