Uncle Ted's Guide To Premises Cabling
Uncle Ted's Guide To
VDV (voice/data/video) Cabling

Who's Uncle Ted?
Overview of Structured Cabling
Wrapup, Training Programs and Equipment

Click here for the printable PDF version (1.2 meg file)

Uncle Ted's Guide has moved to the FOA website - see the latest version there.

 Uncle Ted was the mascot of Cable U's wiring training programs, focusing on Cat 3/5/5e/6 UTP cabling. He's Lennie Lightwave's Uncle and the expert on VDV wiring.
Uncle Ted's Guide is an overview of what you need to know to get started in installing voice/data/video cabling, low voltage or communications wiring, structured cabling or whatever you call it. (Turns out the terminology is not standard, perhaps the only thing that isn't! ) After reading Uncle Ted's Guide, you might be interested in our textbooks, The FOA Reference Guide to Premises Cabling and Data, Voice and Video Cabling and the FOA Reference Guide with its section on Premises Cabling.

Also, check out Fiber U where there is a free online self-study program on premises cabling.
We also have an online "virtual hands-on" explanation of the termination processes of Cat 3/5/5E/6 you should not miss.
Now you can get a cabling/wiring self-study program from The FOA at Fiber U that starts with "Uncle Ted" and or take training from an FOA approved school for the CPCT Certification (Certified Premises Cabling Technician) that includes hands-on training.
This simple web site will hopefully get you started. If you want some real hands-on training, VDV Works can send you to trainers who give classes around the country or will come to your site. We're always creating new training material, links to information and cabling vendors to help you find what you need to know about cable installation, so keep checking back with us.
Want a printed version of Uncle Ted? Click here for the PDF version (1.2 meg file).
Fiber U is back! Now part of the FOA online training program.

If you like "Uncle Ted's Guide" you'll love "Lennie Lightwave's Guide To Fiber Optics!"

What do people say about "Uncle Ted's Guide"?

"Uncle Ted's Guide to VDV (voice/data/video) Cabling" is a brilliant presentation of the standards and how everything fits together. (Don't be fooled by the title.) Be sure to click on the Jargon link for a comprehensive rundown.

From TechRepublic, the IT website, discussing certification.


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